The "Studentenhaus Vinzenz" is a house with three floors and 120 modestly furnished rooms.

102 Single Rooms (12 m2)

  16 Double Rooms (16 und 18 m2)

    2 Single Rooms (16 m2) with shower and toilet. 


Shared rooms: living and dining room with coffee machine and newspapers, big kitchen, TV-room, library, washing room, chapel and garden.

The house is in a quiet and lovely residential living area near the forest, super market and sports area.  

The university and ETH Zürich can be easily reached by public transport.


Criteria for Admission

Students, Doctoral candidates and trainees from all over the world.


Furnishing of the Rooms

The room has a wash basin with hot and cold running water. Showers and toilets are in the hallway. The room is furnished with a bed and mattress as well as a blanket and pillow, a wardrobe, small fridge, desk, chair and a table lamp. Two bed linens are supplied; towels have to be brought along. 

A private telephone and TV-line can be installed in the room. In addition there are telephone booths and a separate telephone in the dining room, where you can receive calls.



Each inhabitant is asked to keep the room neat and clean it regularly.



Free Wireles Internet access for each inhabitant in the hole house.


Common kitchen

You have access to a commonly shared kitchen. This kitchen has cookers, a oven and a microwave oven. Students bring their own cooking utensils. You have a kitchen cupboard which can be locked for your private cooking utensils. 

The kitchen is managed by the inhabitants themselves. After each time the kitchen is used, it has to be left behind cleanly. In addition, the inhabitants take turns in cleaning the kitchen in accordance with the kitchen-duty-list about once per semester.


Personal laundry facilities

There are three washing machines and a dryer at your disposal in the basement. There are also two drying rooms and an ironing room.


Store room

You can rent a big store room which can be locked for your private objects for CHF 10.-- per month.



Some parking spaces are available for rent. 

For bicycles and motorbikes there is a covered place.



Semester-party, football, table tennis, chess, diverse games, barbecue with tables in the garden.



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