Means of public transport


The "Studentenhaus Vinzenz" can be easily reached by public transport (tramway, bus). Please consult following CITY-MAP.


Our suggestion: 

At the main station of Zürich, take the tramway Nr. 3 to the last stop "Klusplatz". Change to the bus Nr. 34, 747, 753 or 786 as far as the stop "Loorenstrasse". From there walk about 300 meters in north-westerly direction (in the opposite direction of the leaved bus). 



By car


From the Art Museum of Zürich (Kunsthaus) drive to the "Klusplatz" and proceed into the city area called Witikon. In Witikon, at the crossing "Witikonerstrasse / Loorenstrasse" turn left driving past large sport areas. Our studenthaus is an extended house in the shape of the number 7.



Studentenhaus Vinzenz

Loorenstrasse 74

CH-8053 Zürich


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